Watch Linzi in short films "Subtransient" and "The Clown Inside"

Linzi talks about being in Creed II and Wonder Woman 1984 on The Delvin Cox Experience

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Damn. RIP X. I’ll be listening to Ruff Ryders Anthem on repeat today. Thank you for being a major part of my generation. You were an OG, I don’t care what anyone says. RIP DMX. #DMX #RIPDMX reallinzigray photo

Here you go @RVATwitch. The tweet that sent Jason X trending. Space itself is horrifying so why can’t horror be set in space.....

I finally live in a world where Jason X is trending. Thank you Twitter ❤️ reallinzigray photo

Real life photo of how I slept while San Andreas was pulling her shit again..... #earthquakes #earthquake reallinzigray photo

I saw Betty White trending and I almost lost my shit. Thank goodness she’s ok. You can’t have Betty White trending while there’s still a pandemic going on, that’s how people have heart attacks! reallinzigray photo