Watch Linzi in short films "Subtransient" and "The Clown Inside"

Linzi talks about being in Creed II and Wonder Woman 1984 on The Delvin Cox Experience

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Jebus, today #LosAngeles is like a game of Clue. It was Mr. Crazy Man, on La Brea, with a pipe..... @delvin_cox @ThatChaufie @RawAndUncutpod @LaurieRosenbau3 @lauriec39 reallinzigray photo

Finally getting a chance to watch @AudrieandDaisy on @Netflix. Sheriff Darren White, you should be ashamed of yourself. Saying that you wouldn’t call it rape if someone was unconscious or semi-unconscious & you have daughters of your own! How dare you! Karma is a bitch! #RiPDaisy

HUGE, like MASSIVE, shoutout to someone I am very lucky to call my friend @WriterStreamer for writing these amazing books! Girl, if I could put into words what you mean to me, I totally would. I love you and @LuckiestPixel very much. Keep on being badass! 💋 reallinzigray photo

Hey @GavinNewsom & @MayorOfLA, leave Hollywood & Highland alone. Spend the $100 million on helping the homeless, that’s where it’s needed. We don’t need MORE unaffordable housing in Los Angeles! I’m all for cleaning up LA but help those who live on the streets. #LosAngeles reallinzigray photo

Here are some of your “other” 2020 presidential candidates....Among these official candidates are Tossup C.I. Bot; Big Chungus; Kanye Deez Nutz West, presumably not to be confused with Kanye West; and Your Mom.