Watch Linzi in short films "Subtransient" and "The Clown Inside"

Linzi talks about being in Creed II and Wonder Woman 1984 on The Delvin Cox Experience

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I swear on everything that is holy there another outage? Because y’all about to be kicked from my home.... reallinzigray photo

This might be a simple thing. You might even criticize me for it BUT idk about y’all but I am EXCITED to have a @Converse wearing, Chuck Taylor rocking woman like @KamalaHarris as VP.... #VoteBlue #KamalaHarris #BidenHarrisLandslide2020 reallinzigray photo

In my opinion, we the people should just clean house on Capital Hill. Start brand new with people who are in tuned with us ‘common folk’ instead of having billions of dollars and then claiming that the American people don’t need assistance during #COVID19

I am legit shocked at the fact not that #Covid_19 has taken another victim but that the Sizzler was even still around....Next thing you know someone will tell me Po’Folks restaurant is still around......
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New York Post @nypost
Sizzler steakhouse chain files for bankruptcy amid COVID-19 crisis

Holy shit! Can I gush for a minute on how amazing @MsSarahPaulson is in @netflix’s @RatchedNetflix?! If you haven’t checked it out, do yourself a favor. The whole cast is truly epic! Love, love, love! Did I mention love? #Ratched #RatchedNetflix reallinzigray photo